In order to understand and taste all the goodies in the area, you have to walk for miles, ask the locals, spend months wandering around. And it's worth it. Because you will discover unique foods, special drinks and stories to pass on a lifetime. We know you don't have that much time, so we decided to bring this complete experience to the Old Center of Brașov. Just to be enjoyed by as many people like you as possible.

At Ograda you will find the market: local producers surrounded by the goodies they carefully prepare - food that we fell in love with from the first mouthful. At Ograda you will also find the restaurant: the place where we prepare the dishes from this menu with ingredients from the area, so that you can taste and understand how much can be made.

But at Ograda you can find something else: stories. Whether they come with you, whether they come with each of our producers and their goodies, or with the smell of warm bread or fresh tomatoes, this place is good to talk and talk and forget to go home. And when we leave, let's leave a li le happier.